High Quality Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C (2200mAh, 4 cells)

  • SKULHP31
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage14.4V
  • Capacity2200mAh
  • Number of Cells4 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-ion
  • ColorBlack
  • Size144.98x41.68x20.68mm(L x W x H)
  • Warranty1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn Stock

High Quality Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C (4400mAh, 8 cells)

Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop This is a high capacity battery, the bottom of this battery will extend out about 1 inch, bigger size.
  • SKULHP32
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage14.4V
  • Capacity4400mAh
  • Number of Cells8 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-ion
  • ColorBlack
  • Size144.98x61.68x40.8mm(L x W x H)
  • Warranty1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
Note: 1. 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible, they are in common use. 2. The 5200mAh(8 Cell) battery will extend out about 1 inch from the bottom of the laptop, bigger size but lasting longer and help cooling.

Buy with confidence! Our Website is your source for high quality Compaq laptop batteries. This brand new 4400mAh(8 cells) replacement Compaq HSTNN-I37C Li-ion battery is made with high quality cells from Samsung. Each replacement battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop has been tested on the Compaq system before being dispatched and is 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specification. When you buy our replacement Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery, you're buying trust!

Safety and Excellence Features of Our Replacement Compaq HSTNN-I37C batteries:
1. No memory effect, fast charge
2. Smart internal circuit board and Low power consumption IC design
3. Tested with strict quality control standards and meet or surpass OEM specifications
4. Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002
5. Cell-unbalanced-shut-off protection
6. Over-charge protection and Over-discharge protection
7. Over-heat protection
8. Over-current protection
9. Short-circuit protection
10.High capacity circulatory function (about 600-800 cycles)

Welcome your patronage and thank you for purchasing this high quality replacement Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop battery at Laptopbattery.com.sg! Before placing an order, please make sure that the part number of your old original Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery is listed as below and has the same shape as our replacement HSTNN-I37C battery's images (please view the larger images for details).

Product Larger Images

Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop Battery for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop

Compatible Compaq Part Numbers

  • 447649-251
  • 447649-321
  • 447649-361
  • 447650-321
  • 447650-361
  • 454001-001
  • 454002-001
  • AL225AA
  • HSTNN-DB53
  • HSTNN-I37C
  • HSTNN-OB53
  • HSTNN-OB54
  • NBP8A71
  • NBP8A71B1
  • SZ08
  • SZ08073

Compatible Compaq Laptop Models

  • Business Notebook 2210B
  • Presario B1200 CTO
  • Presario B1200
  • Presario B1201TU
  • Presario B1201VU
  • Presario B1202TU
  • Presario B1202VU
  • Presario B1203TU
  • Presario B1203VU
  • Presario B1204TU
  • Presario B1204VU
  • Presario B1205TU
  • Presario B1205VU
  • Presario B1206TU
  • Presario B1206VU
  • Presario B1207TU
  • Presario B1207VU
  • Presario B1208TU
  • Presario B1208VU
  • Presario B1209TU
  • Presario B1209VU
  • Presario B1210TU
  • Presario B1210VU
  • Presario B1211TU
  • Presario B1211VU
  • Presario B1212VU
  • Presario B1213TU
  • Presario B1213VU
  • Presario B1214TU
  • Presario B1214VU
  • Presario B1215TU
  • Presario B1216TU
  • Presario B1217TU
  • Presario B1218TU
  • Presario B1219TU
  • Presario B1220TU
  • Presario B1221TU
  • Presario B1222TU
  • Presario B1223TU
  • Presario B1224TU
  • Presario B1225TU
  • Presario B1226TU
  • Presario B1227TU
  • Presario B1228TU
  • Presario B1229TU
  • Presario B1230TU
  • Presario B1231TU
  • Presario B1232TU
  • Presario B1233TU
  • Presario B1234TU
  • Presario B1235TU
  • Presario B1236TU
  • Presario B1237TU
  • Presario B1238TU
  • Presario B1239TU
  • Presario B1240TU
  • Presario B1241TU
  • Presario B1242TU
  • Presario B1243TU
  • Presario B1244TU
  • Presario B1245TU
  • Presario B1246TU
  • Presario B1247TU
  • Presario B1248TU
  • Presario B1249TU
  • Presario B1250TU
  • Presario B1251TU
  • Presario B1252TU
  • Presario B1253TU
  • Presario B1254TU
  • Presario B1255TU
  • Presario B1256TU
  • Presario B1257TU
  • Presario B1258TU
  • Presario B1259TU
  • Presario B1260TU
  • Presario B1261TU
  • Presario B1262TU
  • Presario B1263TU
  • Presario B1264TU
  • Presario B1265TU
  • Presario B1266TU
  • Presario B1269TU
  • Presario B1270TU
  • Presario B1271TU
  • Presario B1272TU
  • Presario B1273TU
  • Presario B1274TU
  • Presario B1275TU
  • Presario B1276TU
  • Presario B1277TU
  • Presario B1278TU
  • Presario B1279TU
  • Presario B1280TU
  • Presario B1281TU
  • Presario B1282TU
  • Presario B1283TU
  • Presario B1284TU
  • Presario B1285TU
  • Presario B1286TU
  • Presario B1287TU
  • Presario B1288TU
  • Presario B1289TU
  • Presario B1290TU
  • Presario B1291TU
  • Presario B1292TU
  • Presario B1293TU
  • Presario B1294TU
  • Presario B1295TU
  • Presario B1296TU
  • Presario B1297TU
  • Presario B1298TU
  • Presario B1299TU

Shipping Methods

Payment Methods


1-Year Warranty
All our high quality replacement batteries for Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop come with a 1-year warranty. Warranty is applicable if the buyer has installed the battery properly in the device and has treated the battery correctly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Our goal is to turn customer satisfaction into ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’. That's why we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, on top of our warranty and RMA procedure for defects!
Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact us and await instructions before sending back your product.


If you have a problem with one battery which bought from us, please contact us first. We will process your request and try to find a solution for your problem. If the problem cannot be fixed by our technical support engineer, we will generate an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) for you. If inspection concludes that the returned battery is defective, a new battery will be shipped out without extra charge.
Please note: we cannot process returned batteries if you have not yet received an RMA number.


Q: How to check if this battery is compatible with my laptop?

A: First, find out the part number of your old battery or the model name of your laptop (e.g. 'Compaq HSTNN-I37C') and match with our product compatibility table. Second, please compare the old battery with our product images to make sure their shapes are the same. Lastly, check the voltage (rating) is the same as the old one. For more details please click How to find one correct battery for my laptop?

Q: Do I need to charge the new Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery for 12 hours for the first time use?

A: No. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so it’s the right way to charge and discharge normally.

Q: When connected to the power supply, do I need to remove my Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery ?

A: It depends on your actual situation. Generally speaking, it will not cause any damage without removing your battery when you connect it to the power supply. Because the battery will not be charged anymore after it is fully charged, and then turn to the use of power supply system. But when the notebook high-speed operation causes the internal overheating, you’d better remove the battery, otherwise it is harmful.

Q: How to properly charge my Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery?

A: Please avoid exhausting the battery power and then recharge, because it will bring a lot of damage to your battery. Therefore you have to charge it when remaining power nearly 10-20%. In addition, if your battery has not been used for a long time, please charge it once a month, and keep the remaining power about 40% and then store in a dry and cool environment.

Q: How to care for my Compaq HSTNN-I37C laptop battery and extend its life?

A: 1. Tweak Your Built-In Power Saving Options.
2. Adjust the brightness of your laptop display as much as possible within an acceptable range.
3. Kill Power-Hungry Apps and Processes when they are unnecessary.
4. Use Hibernate, not just Sleep, Whenever Possible.
5. Regularly detach your Compaq HSTNN-I37C battery and give it a careful wipe with a soft cloth to make sure the contact points are especially clean.
6. Avoid Full Discharges.

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